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Born and raised in South Detroit – also known as Windsor, Canada – I jumped at the opportunity to move to sunny Phoenix, Arizona some 8 years ago. Today, I’m happy to call San Diego home, where I serve as Managing Director and Market Leader.

With over 11 years of experience at PwC, I've had the privilege of accumulating diverse experiences including earning my CPA in Canada, Arizona, and recently California. Along the way I’ve made invaluable connections, and gained a profound understanding of what propels business success in our ever-evolving world. This journey has ignited two of my greatest passions: coaching and connecting.

In my client service experience, I've had the privilege of working with public and private companies across a number of industries, including construction and engineering, consumer and industrial products, manufacturing, retail, aerospace & defense, and healthcare. My experience includes supporting clients on a number of transaction and accounting pronouncement and policy adoptions including purchase price accounting for mergers and acquisitions, debt modification and extinguishment, revenue from contracts with customers, inventory, fixed assets and leases. I have also worked with private pre-IPO companies, as well as public EGC and large accelerated filers with SOX 404 implementation, strategy and compliance.

Today I'm excited about my new chapter at Embark, a company that challenges the status quo and loves to try new things. I am thrilled to be spearheading the launch of Embark's San Diego office, where we have the incredible opportunity to build an office from the ground up! I look forward to building an environment where everyone can show up to work as not only themselves, but the best version of themselves. I am committed to building a thriving office on the West Coast and injecting Embark’s magic to create something that we’re all proud of.

In my free time, I love getting outdoors, being active, and spending time with friends and family. I’m fortunate that San Diego allows me to do both. You'll often find me playing fetch with my pup at the dog beach, or joining in a game of beach soccer with my son and husband. When I’m housebound, or otherwise pressed for time, I love hitting the Peloton and getting my sweat on in my garage gym. The old adage that variety is the spice of life rings true for me. I also love cooking, barbecuing and trying new foods and restaurants. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with smoking on my new Traeger and I welcome all foolproof recipes!

Carly Sheane, CPA*

Managing Director, San Diego Market Leader

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Embark’s vision is simple: to be the best possible place to work. And if we deliver that to our people consistently, always aiming to learn and improve, we’ll continue to attract top talent and good humans. Excellent client service is then a byproduct of that top talent, the elite consultants and operators that make Embark tick.

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