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01. Our Expertise

Embark is a new kind of business advisory firm

We're focused on optimizing finance, accounting, & technology for our clients. And we do it with an unprecedented company culture for elite consultants, supporting them as they transform how businesses utilize people, processes, & systems.

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02. Our Practice Areas

Purpose-built teams of specialists

Embark’s practices address specific business challenges, elevating our clients’ decision-making and bandwidth during times of need. Our teams focus on delivering excellence within their core areas while also collaborating to solve broader problems.

03. What makes us different

Making life easier for CFOs & their teams

  • Elite consultants from established global firms & industry
  • Right-sized consulting teams & fees, scaled on-demand
  • A culture of hospitality exceeding expectations for service
  • Strategic expertise & the woodchoppers to get the work done
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Trusted across industries

Find out how Embark can help your company

Let's Go

Meet Emerge, a new company and solution from Embark.

With Emerge, you can outsource accounting to focus on building your business.

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