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The Ultimate Pre-IPO Handbook for Accounting & Finance
An in-depth look at every facet of the pre-IPO journey, what & who you’ll need along the way, & some critical best practices to keep you on the right path.
FP&A in a Post-COVID-19 Environment
Insights and best practices for business leaders and FP&A teams to adopt for a clearer, more accurate, and relevant gauge of the post-COVID-19 road ahead.
The CFO's Roadmap to Finance Transformation
Download the CFO's Roadmap to Finance Transformation to help evolve Finance into the strategic hub it was always destined to be.
The Finance & Accounting Process Improvement Lifecycle
The Process Improvement Lifecycle – examine different best practices, tools, and techniques that will vastly improve your finance and accounting processes.
The Accounting Timeline After Private Equity/Venture Capital Funding
Download The Accounting Timeline After Private Equity/Venture Capital Funding
The Roadmap to Implementing SOX Compliance
New to SOX compliance? Get our comprehensive, but concise accounting guide: The Roadmap to Implementing SOX Compliance.
A Lessee's Quick Guide to New Lease Standard ASC 842
Embark’s Lessee’s Quick Guide to New Lease Standard ASC 842 is a set of fast answers and real-world guidance lessee’s can use to get and stay 842 compliant.
SOX Compliance in a Post-COVID World
A complete guide with insider insights on how COVID-19 continues to affect SOX compliance for companies and leadership, including some critical best practices.
Accounting & Finance Roadmap For Distressed Companies
Get our free guide detailing the many accounting requirements facing a distressed company as well as some key best practices to help get you started.
Roadmap For a Distressed Commodity Price Environment
Get insights on the many different accounting & finance requirements that oil & gas must keep in mind during commodity price volatility.
Download The Ultimate Guide to Pro Forma Statements
We explain the where, when, why & how behind pro forma statements along with tips & examples to help identify needed pro forma adjustments.
Internal Audit Best Practices for a Successful RPA Initiative
Embark’s e-book for IA teams will help organizations ensure a successful RPA implementation and reap the many rewards automation provides an enterprise.
CAMs & the Impact on PCAOB Audit Opinion
Insights & tips on critical audit matters – the biggest change to the auditor’s report in 70 years – and what they might mean for your business going forward.
Technical Accounting Subjects to Know for an Acquisition
Download Embark's guide, Technical Accounting Subjects to Know for an Acquisition.
Pre-IPO Timeline
Download Embark’s pre-IPO timeline to ensure your accounting & finance stay on track every step of the way during your IPO preparation.
Guide to Biz Dev for Audit Partners and Senior Managers
Download our guide, Intentional Relationships: Guide to Biz Dev for Audit Partners and Senior Managers
A Lessor's Quick Guide to New Lease Standard ASC 842
Download our Lessor’s Quick Guide to New Lease Standard ASC 842 for fast, accurate answers and guidance lessor’s can quickly apply for ASC 842 compliance.
Guide to Rev Rec
Download | Guide to Rev Rec
The Business Intelligence Revolution
Transform your finance org into a data-driven, forward-looking strategic hub that propels your whole company forward with genuine business intelligence.
The Career Path Guide for Big 4 CPAs
A comprehensive, unbiased career guide for Big 4 CPAs detailing the pros and cons of different paths, written by public accounting and industry veterans.
ESG Reporting Best Practices: Implementation & Beyond
Download Embark’s ebook on ESG reporting implementation for insights and best practices you can use to quickly build an effective ESG reporting function.
The Blueprint for Building a Data Culture in the Office of the CFO
Embark’s blueprint is a hands-on, practical guide designed to help CFOs build a data culture that drives strategic, forward-looking thought for a business.
The Reporting Automation Playbook for Private Equity Funds
With its Reporting Automation Playbook, Embark reveals how automation optimizes clarity, accuracy, and timeliness for consolidated PE fund reporting across portcos.
The Rolling Forecast Implementation Guide
A rolling forecast serves as a crystal ball for your enterprise. The trick is to implement one that suits your needs, meets your objectives, and drives better decision-making.
The FP&A Starter Kit: Everything You Need to Build or Rebuild Your Ideal FP&A Function
Our FP&A Starter Kit helps build a competitive edge that’s tough to beat – an operational crystal ball to successfully guide your business forward.
The Early Prep IPO Readiness Guide
In this Early Prep IPO Readiness Guide, we look at the different things companies can do to start prepping for an eventual IPO, even if it’s still a few years away.
The Five-Step Fast Close Methodology
Resource - Lead Embark’s guide, The Five-Step Fast Close Methodology, is a proven blueprint to help your company build a faster, more accurate, and insightful month-end close.
The Big 4 Busy Season Survival Guide
Our latest guide explores 15 hacks to help you flourish before, during, and after Big 4 busy season, all taken straight from the public accounting frontlines.
Office of the CFO
Accounting & Reporting
The Definitive Guide to Financial Audit Preparation
Embark’s Definitive Guide to Financial Audit Preparation is a practical, step-by-step blueprint for thriving throughout the external audit process.

Featured resource: NetSuite go-live checklist


Embark’s NetSuite Go-Live Checklist is a collection of practical, real-world best practices our NetSuite pros have gathered from the ERP frontlines. As you’ll see, we’ve organized our list of critical tasks and responsibilities into individual steps occurring before, during, and after your go-live, making sure your go-live is smooth and reason to celebrate.

Download the guide
Accounts Payable Excel Template
Embark's free Accounts Payable Excel Template is entirely customizable to provide a solid accounting foundation for your business, no matter the size & industry.
The ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Template
Download our ASC 606 Excel template to quickly get compliant and gauge how the new revenue recognition accounting standard might impact your business.
The Accounting Close Checklist Template
Embark's Accounting Close Checklist Template is a free, customizable spreadsheet that will help ensure an accurate and timely close for your organization.
ASC 842 Lease Classification Template For Lessees
A straightforward but comprehensive template that provides your accounting team with a clear and concise view of your leases
13-Week Cash Flow Forecast Model Template
An effective cash flow model is as an X-ray into your operations, providing powerful insights to help senior management steer the ship through even the roughest waters.
The Fixed Asset Roll Forward Template
Download our Fixed Asset Roll Forward Template for a tool that will help you accurately and efficiently move your fixed asset data from point A to B.
Quality of Earnings Template
Embark's Quality of Earnings (QofE) template will help you shine a more flattering, transparent, and accurate light on your operations for investors
Cash Flow Worksheet Template
Download Embark's customizable cash flow worksheet template to realize the benefits of accurate forecasting, even without a designated finance team.
The Open Items Template for Accounting
Stay on-track, organized & meet your project deadlines, no matter how many tasks you're juggling at once with the Embark Open Items Template For Accounting.
The Ultimate Account Reconciliation Template
Embark’s Ultimate Account Reconciliation Template will help you track your open items with the ideal balance of information and ease, using key data points to keep your corporate ship headed in the right direction.
Accounts Receivable Excel Template
Embark's Accounts Receivable Excel Template will help your accounting team get organized and ensure you get paid on-time, every time.
The Ultimate Chart of Accounts Template
A comprehensive but straightforward Chart of Accounts template your organization can use and customize to drive transparency and more accurate business data.
ASC 842 Embedded Lease Assessment Template for Lessees
A handy template your team can use to assess for those pesky embedded leases in your contracts, from Embark's team of ASC 842 adoption experts.
The Accounting Leadership & Controller Transition Template
Download Embark's accounting leadership and controller transition template to ensure seamless continuity at the top so your business doesn't skip a beat.
Business Budget Planning: A Helpful Worksheet for CFOs and Their Teams
Our Business Budget Planning Worksheet will help you optimize the budgeting process and ensure the many moving parts stay on track and on time.
The Post-IPO Accounting & Finance To-Do List
A detailed list of post-IPO items, insights, and tips to guide accounting and finance teams in new public companies.
Sell-Side Due Diligence Report Checklist
Download our Sell-Side Due Diligence Report Checklist to prepare your team for a successful transaction by impressing your buyers and hitting your goals.
The Oil & Gas Due Diligence Checklist
Download Embark's Oil & Gas Financial Due Diligence Checklist and ensure your producing asset acquisitions drive value and keep stakeholders happy.
Post Merger Integration Checklist
A post-merger integration checklist and best practices from Embark's specialists to help maximize efficiency, value creation, and success in your M&A transaction
Buy-Side Due Diligence Report Checklist
Embark's buy-side due diligence report checklist will help ensure buyers make fully-informed decisions on potential M&A transactions.
IT Due Diligence Checklist
Download Embark's IT Due Diligence Checklist to navigate the complex IT landscape during M&A, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing value.
Energy Accounting Close Checklist Template
Embark's Energy Accounting Close Checklist is a free, industry-specific spreadsheet that will help ensure an accurate and timely close for any energy company.
NetSuite Go-Live Checklist
Download Embark's NetSuite Go-Live Checklist to ensure your day one – and every day thereafter – are smooth as silk following your move to the NetSuite ERP.

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