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happy works.

Embark was founded on a radical belief: people do their best work when they're happy. And happy consultants make happy clients.

Turns out we were right, Our NPS is over 70% higher than the industry average.*

Our NPS Score
Embark: Average NPS results from 2023
*Source: Retently © Statista 2024
We've created the absolute best place for consultants to work.
That's probably why our attrition rate is half the competition's.

Turns out, happiness isn't at odds with good business—it's the key to it.

That's how we became one of the world's fastest-growing consulting firms.

Embark annual revenue growth from 2018-2023
  • What is 'happy works'?

    It's our core belief: happy people do better work. Pretty simple, really.

    Since 2009, a portfolio of Fortune's “Best Companies to Work For” outperformed the S&P 500 by 84.2%.

    Does Company Culture Pay Off? by Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Glassdoor

  • Why is 'happy' important?

    People do their best work when they're happy. That means better results for our clients.

    Embark's employee attrition rate is half the competition's.

    Embark's attrition rate is 9% vs. the Big 4's average of 19% as reported in September '23.

  • What does that mean for you?

    Happy consultants won't just boost morale—they'll boost your bottom line. We've got the numbers to prove it.

    Companies with highly engaged workforces outperformed their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

    How Employee Engagement Drives Growth by Susan Sorensen, Gallup

Happy means business. We're on a serious mission: to bring happiness back to business.

Jess Newman
National Head Of People
Kate Sassi
AVP of Sales
Casey Hawkins
Execution Operations Director
Employees in high-trust companies reported:
74% less stress and 106% more energy, enabling better collaboration and problem-solving
Companies with happy people are 31% more productive, with 37% higher revenue.

Every single Embarker that I've come across has been competent, enthusiastic, passionate, and willing to help in whatever way is necessary—and, frankly, just good people.

Jim Forson, CFO

Amazing supportive attitude supported by deep and broad knowledge and skill. Our requirement is always 1000% fulfilled by the Embark team.

Bruce Suzuki, Managing Director

We’re 100% certain we’ll find finance, tech, people, or ops solutions that’ll make you both happy and more money

Learn more and speak with a real person now.

You’ll get a text from an Embark consultant within the hour. Your phone number will be handled with care and respect.

You’ll get a text from an Embark consultant within the hour. Your phone number will be handled with care and respect.
Text with a real person

Every Embark solution starts with a conversation. An expert consultant is ready to text. Really.