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Office of the CHRO/CPO

The strategic prowess and tactical horsepower to help you achieve every human capital objective.

Transform your workforce to power innovation, growth, and sustainability. We’ll get you there.

Start with the problem, not the solution

Embark evaluates and addresses the root causes of your human capital issues, using our extensive experience and leading market research to develop a solution for your business.

Solutions that scale

Cost-effective, efficient, scalable solutions are a given with Embark. Everything we do fits your business like a glove and grows right alongside you.

Technology is not a 'silver bullet' 

Tech is a fuel, not a cure-all. We prioritize processes, policies, and procedures to create a rock-solid foundation for the tailored technology solutions that follow.

We get things done

Embark doesn’t just talk strategy; we turn it into real action. Our hands-on approach propels your organization forward, helping you actually achieve your business goals.

Born innovators

Since the world of human capital is always evolving, we’re constantly exploring the latest and greatest tools. This ensures our expertise in everything cutting-edge and automation puts you—and keeps you—ahead of the curve.

Office of the CHRO/CPO solutions

Embark provides a wide range of services for the Office of the CHRO/CPO, including:

Human Capital Transformation

Strategic Planning and Roadmap Development
Operating Model Optimization 
Workforce Planning
Technology Enablement
Transactions Strategy & Support 
PMO & Change Management
HR System Implementation and Ongoing Support 
Data Analytics & Automation
Finance, Accounting, IT, ESG & Operations Alignment

Data Analytics & Automation

Data Visualization
Advanced Analytics
Data Infrastructure

Digital Transformation

Technology Enablement
Project & Change Management
Data Analytics & Automation

Project & Change Management

Project/Program Management
Governance Planning Design, and ESG
Stakeholder and Change Impact Analysis
Organizational Readiness
Training Design, Development, Delivery
Knowledge Management
Strategic Planning and Roadmapping
Technology Assessment & System Selection

The Integrated Reporting Roadmap

30 Nov 2023 REPORTING

Your company's reporting should tell a story. A chronicle of operational triumphs and challenges that stakeholders, investors, analysts, and the like can use to make informed decisions. But as you know, that gets harder to pull off by the day as regulations evolve, the economy flutters, and competitors flex. But that's exactly what makes integrated reporting such an ace-in-the-hole.

Experts who know and understand the Office of the CHRO/CPO

Jeremy Howard

Managing Director

John Wedding

Managing Director

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