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Career growth

Outgrow your job description. Unleash your potential. Level up like a boss. That’s a career at Embark.

Learn. Grow. Thrive. We’ll help you get there.

When it comes to supporting you as a consultant and a human being, we’re all in. Work on new clients and projects. Expand your expertise. Chase your dreams. Whether it’s accelerated training, certifications, mentorship, or just a rock-solid support system, we’re here to help you grow in every way possible.

Fast-track your development

You’ll never feel lost or out of place. Get personalized guidance, fast-track your professional growth, and build a support system from the moment you join.
Coaching trees

Tap into a network of experienced mentors while paying it forward by developing the next generation. Leadership isn't just a title here.

Weekly lunch & learns

Hands-on sessions led by experts and your peers, covering critical hard skills, essential soft skills, and everything in between.

Knowledge and skill support

Know that industry-best skill sets have your back at every step with a bench that spans the best from audit, industry, and a range of specializations.

Internal/external training and free CPE

Chart your own career path, pursue certifications, attend conferences, level up those technical skills, and more.

Leadership training

Continually level up your leadership skills, from first-time manager to C-Suite potential. Access targeted training, mentorship, and development tools for every stage of your journey.

Quarterly 360 reviews

Get ongoing guidance and support to keep you on top of your game—no developmental curve balls, just steady improvement.

Flourish on your terms


You tell your hiring manager you’re ready, not the other way around. Prove to us that you can do it. Open your own doors.

Career Trajectories

Walk a clear path for advancement rather than a complicated maze. Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, Senior Manager, Director—no detours or surprises.


Nominate yourself for leadership roles like Director of Fun, Talent Ambassador, or our Consultant Council and internal cohorts, earning a stipend for developing these new skills while you’re at it.

Got questions?

Reach out with any career related questions,
and we’ll get back to you.

Text with a real person

Every Embark solution starts with a conversation. An expert consultant is ready to text. Really.