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Our culture

Want to know the secret behind our success? Talented, happy people. Pure and simple.


What makes Embark culture different?

It’s really not that complicated. Be fanatical about building the best workplace in the world, and top talent will come knocking. It’s why we’re so relentless about our innovative, empowering culture—to make our people happy. So they’ll thrive, do better work, and keep clients ecstatic. A culture that actually puts people first? In this industry, it's practically revolutionary.

A culture built to help you succeed

Trust you’ll be set up for success

Right out of the gate, seamless onboarding immerses you in our culture and gets you up to speed. From there, regular one-on-ones with bosses, mentors, and peers clear any roadblocks, while company-wide events inspire and fuel your growth.

Connect with people who care

Build genuine connections through team bonding events, often including your family. You’ll also see what fanatical hospitality is all about—personalized gestures during tough times, customized gifts to celebrate. We’ll also participate in community initiatives as a team, paying it forward whenever we can.

Optimize your work environment

Enjoy the autonomy to work where and when it suits you best—with some client-driven exceptions, of course. Balance work and family life with flexibility, knowing leadership prioritizes both. Want to coach soccer? Go on that 10th-anniversary dream trip? Go for it.

Live your best life outside of work

We expect you to pursue those bucket-list dreams. We even incentivize and celebrate it as a firm. And we back it up with unlimited PTO and a team that covers for you so you can truly disconnect. Seriously.

Know your voice will be heard

Shape our culture through ongoing surveys, along with a Consultant Council that advocates for change. The other critical side of the equation—leadership actually listens, adapts, and takes action based on your feedback.

Expect accountability from leadership

Get regular updates from the C-suite—our "Fanatical" videos, which you’ll soon love—plus quarterly huddles, where firm and local leadership share transparent updates and invite your questions.

Be your authentic self at work

Dress, speak, and think your way—no judgment here. Share your passions, skills, and hobbies through team events, and connect with like-minded folks in interest-based groups.

Fuel your growth mindset

Experiment, take the lead on new initiatives, and learn from both wins and setbacks. Your ambition shapes our trajectory, and failure is simply a stepping stone. When it comes to investing in your potential, we’re all in.

Be recognized for executing excellently

Recognize your peers for their excellence with a monthly award allowance, and headline our weekly "WOW" newsletter for going above and beyond with your own fanatical hospitality.

Got questions?

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