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solve problems.
build relationships.

Embark lives at the intersection of expertise and empathy. It’s a recipe we’ve honed to perfection – mix knowledge, skill, and experience, with equal parts hospitality and intimacy. That’s Embark in a nutshell, and what drives such strong, enduring relationships with our clients and within our team.

It’s been our secret sauce from the start, back in 2010, when our founder, Paul Allen, had a simple but, as it turns out, revolutionary idea – let’s build a financial advisory firm that’s just as much about people as it is know-how and skill. And judging from our success, he was definitely on to something.

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a new kind of financial advisory firm

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Embark is a new kind of professional services company. Our people and culture are at the center of every decision we make, and we mean that when we say it. We’ve created an environment that has every bit the adrenaline, drive, and stimulation of a startup, just without the fads and pretension.

We specialize in financial consulting and focus on clients in the public and private worlds. We don’t work 80-hour weeks, but we do take amazing care of our clients. We love letting people do what they do best and don’t think it’s old fashioned to enjoy the people you work with on a daily basis. We’re growing quickly, but not at the expense of our culture or people.

we’ve got the receipts to prove it

Word spreads fast when you’re doing it the right way. Between the quality of our work, amazing culture, and rapid growth, we’re not lacking for recognition.

always hiring

Do you like solving problems, working with people, and continuing to grow? Well, then we should talk, because we’re hiring!