never settle for second best

We're a Dallas-based financial consulting firm founded by a non-accountant, weirdo entrepreneur who's just crazy enough to challenge the status quo.  We believe people can actually love their jobs, work hard, AND (hold your breath...) can also enjoy having a life. Our principal investor is our Founder & CEO and he, along with our executive management team, aren't looking to lose ourselves or our culture just to grow super fast.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to corporate finance & business leaders. And we take it very seriously.

As we strive to bring a new twist to the professional services work, our people and culture REALLY do determine our decisions and our future. We are creating an environment that has all the excitement and intellectual stimulation of a startup, minus the fads, pretension and pre-revenue risk.

We specialize in financial consulting and focus on clients in the public and private equity worlds. We don't work 80-hour weeks, but we DO take amazing care of our clients. We love putting people in a position to do what they do best and we don't think it's old fashioned to enjoy the people you work with on a daily basis.  We're growing quickly, but not at the expense of our culture or people.

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