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m&a activity

M&As. Carve-outs. Divestitures. Intimidating, often overwhelming, M&A activity can pack quite the accounting punch for even the most seasoned of financial professionals.

But with Embark as your partner, the entire process is fluid and efficient.

From consolidating financial statements to your new audit requirements, and countless factors & functions in between.

Group 445

A new entity brings a whole new set of processes, controls, audit requirements, and perspectives along with it

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Successful M&A transactions begin long before handshakes and signatures. Every transaction faces unknown, unforeseen risks that threaten success and stability:

  • Market timing & dynamics
  • Overworked staff
  • Default debt covenants
  • Excessive spending, lost talent, simple bad luck

how embark helps with m&a activity

Embark’s guidance helps protect your enterprise and stakeholders with preparation and foresight, improving the accuracy and consistency of your financial data.

Our specialized talent & technical knowledge fill gaps outside of your team’s purview:

  • multiple-19 Team continuity for critical talent voids
  • math Technical accounting guidance
  • money Audit facilitation
  • cogwheel Integration / optimization of controls & processes
  • money-11 Purchase price accounting guidance
  • chart-pie Consolidated / combined financial statements
  • chart-bar New reporting requirements, disclosures & deadlines
  • chart-bar-33 System implementation / integration
  • shopping-cart Buy and sell side due diligence

Embark provides flexible, scalable solutions that bend to the shifting needs of M&A activity. Meet escalating regulatory demands, save time & money, let your team revitalize, and refocus on operations and innovation.

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what our clients have to say

Embark sends the best people, so much so that it makes us think that these people grow on trees. We know they don’t and we are grateful for all Embark does for our Team.
Brandon Walls
CPA - Vice President, Controller