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back-office efficiencies & scalability

Intelligent, streamlined day-to-day operations drive success in a dynamic marketplace. Agility, foresight, and consistency are essential assets to effectively compete.

Embark can maximize efficiency and scalability in back-office operations while increasing the speed to insight for leadership.

We find solutions rooted in experience, driven by technology, and customized to an enterprise’s specific needs.

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Inefficient, inflexible operations can create systemic issues that impact your entire enterprise.

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Small operational pain points can quickly accumulate without intervention & guidance:

  • Workloads increase, damaging morale and culture
  • Turnover, costs, talent gaps expand
  • Inaccurate, untimely data
  • Limited or delayed insight for decision-makers
  • Missed reporting, filing deadlines


how embark creates efficiency & drives scalability

Embark’s Finance Transformation team infuses your operations with intelligent, efficient solutions that quickly reveal critical information to steer your enterprise. Our experience and expertise leverages technology for every facet of your operations:

  • general finance transformation General finance transformation
  • Automation of key activities and processes Automation of key activities and processes
  • Clean and efficient accounting for accurate, reliable data Clean and efficient accounting for accurate, reliable data
  • process standardization Process standardization and optimization
  • activity analysis measurements Activity analysis measurements
  • Gap analysis measurements Gap analysis measurements
  • RiskControl matrices Risk/control matrices for operational and business risk
  • workflow process management Workflow process management
  • Policies and Procedures Policies & procedure assessment and documentation

Speed and efficiency are critical to success in a constantly shifting environment. The enterprises that distill accurate insight fastest will gain a competitive advantage that’s difficult to match. Embark’s Finance Transformation team will show you how.

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what our clients have to say

Embark sends the best people, so much so that it makes us think that these people grow on trees. We know they don’t and we are grateful for all Embark does for our Team.
Brandon Walls
CPA - Vice President, Controller