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Paul Allen

Founder, chief vision officer & chairman of the board

I didn’t know much beyond the Big XII growing up, so I ended up in Stillwater where I knocked out my BS in Finance from OSU.  I tried to play basketball at OSU but never made the travel squad or suited up (There’s more to that story if you ever want to hear it.  It changed my life forever!) and ended up just a practice dummy when the guys needed to build their confidence!

After OSU, I joined the Dallas audit practice of EY and at the same time had the honor of getting my Masters from the University of Virginia.  It was basically in business with an emphasis in accounting but was officially an MS in Accountancy.  UVA is awesome.  Seriously in a class all by itself. 

I knew from Day 1 that I wasn’t an auditor so I lasted just under two years.  After that I went into building business for a Fortune 500 firm and quickly realized that I cause too many problems to be a good employee.  So, I raised some capital and started a company called Elevate.  I then founded Embark in 2010 and we’ve been running hard since! 

Entrepreneurialism is the hardest AND most rewarding pursuit I’ve ever experienced.  There is NO WAY I could function without the support of my wife.  The ups and downs of growth can paralyze you without a strong, positive partner that knows when to make you laugh.  Our kids challenge and fill us with love in ways we didn’t think possible and keep our perspective on life ever changing. 

And all of this has been my story as I stumble along the path toward Christ.  I’m a Follower of the Way and reminded daily that grace is amazing if you fully understand it.  I'm trying to. 

Strength & Honor. 

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