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Accounting Matters

Two podcasts hosted by public accounting vets discuss essential, relevant, timely accounting and finance topics, specifically for accounting pros. That’s the Accounting Matters and AM Now podcasts, essential listening for anyone in the accounting trenches.

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Enjoy two flavors of Accounting Matters

Accounting Matters

Hosts Adam Olsen and Nicole Harger break down complex accounting topics with industry specialists.


The week’s critical accounting and finance stories from hosts Adam Olsen, Nicole Harger, and Matt Fisser.

Adam Olsen

Adam Olsen, CPA*

Managing Director, Financial Accounting Advisory Practice Leader

Adam is Embark’s Accounting Advisory Services Practice Leader, overseeing the firm's technical accounting, complex transactions, capital markets, and sustainability reporting advisory services across all of its markets.

Nicole Harger

Nicole Harger, CPA*

Managing Director, National Quality Managing Director

Nicole is a National Quality Managing Director at Embark, looking over the firm's technical accounting, complex transactions, and capital markets advisory services for all offices and consultants.

Matt Fisser

Matt Fisser, CPA*

Managing Director, Financial Accounting Advisory Services Central Region Leader

Matt is Embark’s Financial Accounting Advisory Services Central Region Leader, helping oversee critical areas like technical accounting and complex transactions across the firm’s central region.

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20 Mar 2024 9 min 17 sec
AM Now: SEC Climate Rules & Challenges, CTA/FinCEN, IFRS 3 Update, and more

Once again, your AM Now hosts Adam Olsen and Nicole Harger are here with the accounting and finance stories you don’t want to miss, like the SEC adopted final climate disclosure rules.



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15 Mar 2024 51 min 36 sec
SEC Final Climate Disclosure Rule

In this episode of "Accounting Matters," we cover the unveiling of the SEC's long-awaited climate-related disclosure rule. Exploring its implications for businesses and investors alike, we dissect the significance of this regulatory milestone and its potential impact on financial reporting standards.

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13 Mar 2024 33 min 59 sec
The FASB shakes up segment reporting

In this episode, we explore the impact of a significant FASB update, ASU 2023-07, on segment reporting standards. This update responds to investor demands for clearer financial transparency, introducing stricter disclosure rules for public entities.

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