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how embark helps the real estate & hospitality industry

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Capital is expanding real estate and hospitality portfolios faster than ever before, but such rapid growth creates accounting complexities that require specialized skill and knowledge. An effective growth strategy tethers opportunity to sound financials born from expertise, giving well-prepared organizations an enduring competitive edge.

Embark’s insights into real estate & hospitality generate sustainable growth in several critical areas.

  • Real Estate & Hospitality
  • acquisitions
  • dispositions
  • audit readiness
  • property level accounting & controls
  • support growth/solve problems


Acquisitions are a critical source of potential growth but also complex. We guide you through the valuation maze of reports, data, and third parties to ensure constant efficiency and compliance.

Real Estate & Hospitality 5
  • Review ASC 805 valuation 
  • General ledger set-up
  • Opening balance sheet
  • Scrub opening rent rolls
  • Creation of account & tracking tools in accordance with GAAP 
  • Evaluate lease treatment and accounting
  • ASU 2017-01, Business Combination vs. Asset Acquisition


All eyes are on you and your data. We prepare your enterprise for the transaction and the due diligence spotlight, making certain your data is relevant, timely, and accurate.

Real Estate & Hospitality 4
  • Facilitate transaction specialist requests
  • Compile Pro-forma financial statement compilation 
  • Due diligence and account unwind for historical accounting records

audit readiness

Transactions add another layer of complexity to your financials, making your audits susceptible to imprecise and incomplete financial data. We understand what auditors look for and use that perspective to help you prepare, freeing valuable time so you can still run your operations.

Real Estate & Hospitality 2
  • Clean up/catch up
  • Cash accounting to GAAP accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Controls testing and SOX testing compliance
  • Prepare financial statement disclosures
  • Prepare the statement of cash flows
  • Assess and calculate asset impairment
  • Prepare account reconciliations, roll forward schedules, and accruals
  • Compile other “PBCs” requested by the auditors
  • Adoption/implementation of new guidance (Rev rec, ASC 842 - Leases, etc.)

property level accounting & controls

Segmented properties and management companies can lead to disjointed financials. We fill knowledge and skill gaps between corporate and property level accounting to ensure accurate and seamless data flow across your organization.

Real Estate & Hospitality 3
  • Standardize controls, policies, and procedures
  • Write process narratives
  • Streamline sharing of information and records to corporate
  • GL clean-up
  • Property-level staff training

support growth/solve problems

Rapid growth is problematic if your accounting team doesn’t expand with your operations. We help make sure your growth is on a sound financial footing to support your organization today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Real Estate & Hospitality 1
  • Accounting team augmentation (personnel gaps, turnover, hypergrowth, etc.)
  • Management continuity services 
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting
  • GL clean-up
  • ERP system conversions
  • Implement and integrate additional systems (expenses, AP, etc.) 
  • Process improvements
  • Prepare/formalize policies and procedures
  • Reporting templates and standardization for multiple JVs
  • Consolidation and Disclosures for complex ownership structures

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