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how embark helps the manufacturing industry

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The manufacturing industry’s traditional roots camouflage a dynamic, fast-moving undercurrent just under its surface. Fixed assets and their complex lease structures, the need for accurate and timely standard costing, and efficient inventory management create an intricate web for accounting teams.

Embark can help manufacturers navigate this increasingly complicated environment, giving decision-makers the relevant data they need to strategize for a successful future.

  • Manufacturing
  • m&a activity
  • audit readiness
  • support growth/solve problems
  • accounting function improvement
  • internal/external reporting
  • exit: public offering
  • exit: private sale

m&a activity

Growth requires capital, and that capital can come from a number of sources. Between M&A, PE investment roll-ups, carve-outs, and joint ventures, Embark can ensure a smooth transaction, providing scalable solutions every step of the way.

Manufacturing 3
  • Financial reporting
  • Technical accounting memos/guidance
  • Data migration/integration
  • System conversions

audit readiness

Whether your first audit or hundredth, our team of ex-Big 4 CPAs can leverage our experience to streamline the process and have you ready in no time. We'll help you prepare for your upcoming audit so you can concentrate on the million other things going on.

Manufacturing 5
  • Clean up/catch up
  • Cash accounting to GAAP accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • SOX testing and compliance
  • Financial statements and disclosures
  • Account reconciliations, roll forward schedules, and accruals
  • Compile other "PBC's" requested by the auditors
  • Adoption/implementation of new guidance (ASC 606, ASC 842, etc.)

support growth/solve problems

Countless internal and external variables can leave manufacturers with unexpected accounting issues, especially in times of active growth. Embark can step in and fill knowledge/skill gaps with flexible, scalable solutions to solidify your accounting and support that growth.

Manufacturing 1
  • Staff augmentation (skill gaps, turnover, hypergrowth, etc.)
  • Interim controller function
  • ERP system conversions & implementations
  • Opening balance sheet
  • Accounting new hire onboarding & training
  • Assist transitioning accounting (consolidation)
  • Resolve inventory issues (write-downs, obsolescence, etc.)
  • IT risk assessment

accounting function improvement

Quick, sound decision-making based on accurate, timely financial data is a distinct competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. Embark helps manufacturers merge evolving accounting standards with new sources of efficiency and innovation.

Manufacturing 4
  • Streamline the accounting close
  • Implement consistent accounting policies & practices
  • Automate accounting tasks to reduce time
  • RPA
  • Process improvements
  • Standard cost implementation/update
  • Process narratives

internal/external reporting

Simply closing the books can be an overwhelming task that stretches your accounting team and data. Embark’s hands-on experience and insight can optimize your reporting and quickly get accurate, compliant financials into the hands of your leadership and stakeholders.

Manufacturing 2
  • Consolidate financials (across multiple different ERPs)
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting
  • Management financial reporting package 
  • GL clean-up

exit: public offering

Every successful IPO is built upon ample due diligence, thorough preparation, and meticulous risk mitigation. Embark can ensure your organization is ready for your IPO at every stage and from every angle.

Manufacturing 2
  • Form S-1 Registration Statement
  • SEC compliant financials
  • Internal controls/SOX readiness
  • Technical accounting guidance
  • PCAOB audit facilitation
  • Pro-forma financial statement estimates

exit: private sale

Selling your company is cause for celebration, but not the finish line of the race. There’s still much work to be done, a process that Embark can efficiently and effectively handle so you can concentrate on your success and future.

Manufacturing 2
  • Provide post-sale transition services
  • Due diligence support

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