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Run your entire business from NetSuite’s single platform—accounting/ERP, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, and more.

Simplify your business, accelerate your growth.


Streamlined operations for greater efficiency

Eliminate data silos and automate manual processes across finance, sales, inventory, and more, saving time and improving accuracy while you’re at it.

Real-time insights for better decision-making

Get a full perspective of your business with customizable dashboards and reports, letting you spot trends early, identify opportunities, and act quickly.

Scalability to support your growth

NetSuite's cloud-based architecture adapts to your changing needs. Add new users, modules, and functionalities as you expand without complicated new setups.

Single platform for success

Businesses can leverage NetSuite’s leading practices across their functions. The more real-time business data you have access to, the better your reporting and decision-making can be.


Embark X NetSuite

Tailored NetSuite services to maximize your insight, efficiency, and ROI

Customization and Configuration: Get the most out of your NetSuite investment
Project Management: On-time, on-budget NetSuite implementations.
System Integration: Make sure your existing systems play nice with NetSuite.
Business Process Optimization: Comprehensive, best-in-class process review
Reporting and Analytics: Turn NetSuite data into actionable insights.
Training and Support: Get your team up to speed and supported on NetSuite.
System Upgrades and Maintenance: Keep your NetSuite instance running smoothly with the latest updates. Let us support your testing and onboarding of new features and functionality
System Audits and Assessments: Optimize NetSuite for better data handling, increased and improved use of NetSuite functions, and support of new features.

Embark has NetSuite experts.

John Warner

NetSuite Practice Leader, Business Transformation

John is a NetSuite expert with over 9 years of experience. He launched the NetSuite practice at Embark in April 2023, building on his 3 years of consulting at another firm and 6 years in leadership roles at NetSuite itself. He is passionate about business process improvement. John helps clients leverage NetSuite to its full potential.

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Every single Embarker that I’ve come across has been competent, enthusiastic, passionate, and willing to help in whatever way is necessary—and, frankly, just good people.

Jim Forson, CFO

Amazing supportive attitude supported by deep and broad knowledge and skill. Our requirement is always 1000% fulfilled by the Embark team.

Bruce Suzuki, Managing Director

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