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work at embark

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looking to join our team?

Want to know the secret behind our success? It’s our people. Talent, pure and simple.


But not just any talent. It’s not only about your resume. We want people who will inspire each other to get better. People who define personal success as helping our clients to reach their goals. “Embarkers” thrive within a team environment, value culture as much as any metric, and look at the world a bit differently.

Does that sound like you? Are you tired of being a clock-punching number with a $500 pre-tax “spot bonus” in your pocket for working 80’s? Check out our current openings and let’s see if we have a comfy chair with your name on it.

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why embark?

Embark is a new kind of professional services company. Our people and culture are at the center of every decision we make, and we mean that when we say it. We’ve created an environment that has every bit the adrenaline, drive, and stimulation of a startup, just without the fads and pretension.

We specialize in financial consulting and focus on clients in the public and private worlds. We don’t work 80-hour weeks, but we do take amazing care of our clients. We love letting people do what they do best and don’t think it’s old fashioned to enjoy the people you work with on a daily basis. We’re growing quickly, but not at the expense of our culture or people.

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a new kind of firm

We’re a financial advisory firm founded in Dallas with a footprint that seems to grow by the day. We’ve already spread our wings from Denver to Oklahoma, Houston to Austin, but there’s so much more to come. Our founder is a non-accountant, weirdo entrepreneur who’s just crazy enough to challenge the status quo and rattle some industry cages.

We believe people can actually love their jobs, work hard, and still enjoy their life. At Embark, it’s about a work/life integration and never losing ourselves, our vision, or our culture just for some supersonic growth. Our mission is to provide peace of mind to corporate finance & business leaders. And we take it very seriously.

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we hire talent

We want great talent and inspiring leaders in all areas: financial advisory, controls, transaction advisory and every corner of the back office that’s behind the scenes, making it all happen. If you want to join a firm that's growing rapidly and changing the way people view their work and employer, please get in touch. We're ready if you are.

We value diversity, wit, experience, moxie, gumption, street-smarts and panache. Have any of those?

benefits & life at embark

Group 384@2x

the best gear

We don’t skimp on tools. You’ll get the best Mac or PC for your role, the latest and greatest software, and any accessories you need to get the job done right and in style.

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cool place to work

We don't do beige cubicles. Ever. Settle in a spacious, industrial designed office with local brew on tap, local coffee that’s piping hot, and comfy areas to lounge, play, chat, think and be creative.

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unlimited pto

We want people to love what they do in and out of the office. Use your unlimited PTO to take vacations, make memories, and go explore the world.

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learn from the best

At Embark, you’ll work with smart people just like you, learn from the best and learn to punch above your weight. Get exposure to the types of industries that interest you most.

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we’ve got you covered

We want healthy and happy employees. We offer and pay for 100% of healthcare premiums for you and ALL your dependents. But that’s just scratching the surface.. Our benefits are the best.

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continue to grow

We’re happy to cover costs for educational materials, courses and anything that makes you better at what you do. CPE events, cool conferences or an MBA, we believe in continual learning.