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Ryan Whitaker

Art director

Originally from Chicago, my family moved to Flower Mound when I was a kid and I’ve been in DFW ever since. My passion for design started in college at Texas Tech designing team logos, kit sponsors, and jerseys to upload into Fifa 12. I started learning the Adobe applications and cranked out as many teams as I could (my game crashed). I loved the process of learning about different cities and developing identities that would feel genuine to the areas they represented. Even things like naming the stadium after an important historical figure from the region or a colloquial name for a geographical element in the area took research and time to put together. In hindsight, I realize it was branding before really I knew what branding was. Ultimately that passion came full circle and I had the opportunity to design an official jersey playable in Fifa 21.

Fortunately, I was able to turn doing what I love into a career and develop brands for a living. After stints ranging from B2B corporate teams to freelancing to branding companies at an esports creative agency, I’ve landed at Embark as our first in-house designer dedicated to nurturing a truly unique and exciting brand.

When I’m not at Embark designing, I’m at home designing, watching soccer, hanging out with my cat, Oliver, or spending time with friends and family.

Lastly, I’m—and I can’t overstate this—a massive Liverpool FC supporter. The best day I’ve ever had was going to an absolutely frigid Anfield to watch Virgil Van Dijk knock home two headers in a 2-1 win against Brighton in November 2019. I got a meat pie and a beer then celebrated Newcastle’s equalizer against City with the fans in the concourse like I’d lived there my whole life. Couldn’t feel my fingers. 11/10 would go again.

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