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Jason Smith

Vice president of experiences

Couldn’t be more excited and blessed to be here! I come from the fashion world primarily marketing and selling high-end menswear for over a decade. With that said, financial advisory is something that’s very new to me but marketing something I believe in is not. So when we say here we “solve problems & build relationships” that’s exactly what I’ve been doing my whole career in the fashion world from personal relationships to business relationships with my factories domestically and overseas. The Embarkers here truly walk the walk not just talk the talk.

Outside of Embark, I’m hanging with my two daughters and wifey playing some intense UNO, Candy Land, or other fun family games…playing barbies, painting nails, riding bikes, etc. As long as we’re all together TeamSmith4 (as we call ourselves) are happy! So thankful for my team and beyond grateful to be a dad! #GirlsDad

Carpe Diem

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