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Beth Mathison

Vice president business development

Get stuff done. It's really just that simple.

I am a down-to-earth, Operations, HR, IT/Tech Leader, and Sales (aka problem solver) all rolled into one. Based on my experience, I am proud to say that I am trusted by C-Suite leaders, customers, and colleagues to help identify problems and figure out how to solve them.

Lots of people can identify a problem, but getting the stakeholders together to be accountable, stay on task, prove value, and get to the root cause of the issue is something I am darn good at. Oh, and having fun...learning...and finding humor in stressful situations is also part of the challenge. That's me in a nutshell.

On the personal front, I am originally from WI (Wi-SCON-sin) and relocated with my family (husband + 2 kids + a dog) to sunny Arizona in March of 2020 for better weather. My southern friends sometimes think my 'accent' sounds midwestern or Canadian. Not sure, but always good for a laugh! You betcha!

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