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Marcos Galvan, CPA*

Senior associate

I grew up most of my life in the Greater Houston Area, more specifically Pearland. For college, I went just a short stone's throw away at the University of Houston, where I completing my undergrad and graduate degrees in accounting.

After graduating, I began my career as an auditor at Deloitte. During my time at Deloitte, I specialized in upstream oil and gas, and had both private and public clients in the space, though I also spent some time at a large local midstream company. I benefitted greatly from having clients in both public and private environments, and was fortunate to gain exposure to multiple transactions, primarily asset acquisitions, as well as a SPAC transaction and S-4 issuance. All the while, I became very familiar with oil and gas industry lingo and the internal reserves process. I enjoyed the learning experiences and collaborating with colleagues on audits, however, being an auditor limited the ways I could actually help clients in the way I wanted, which attracted me to consulting and eventually led me to Embark!

Outside of work, I follow UH athletics very closely, and am fortunate to be a basketball season ticket holder. When I'm spending time up in my own head, I enjoy reading books or even doing my own writing. I also inherited a love of cooking from my mom, and enjoy trying out more elaborate recipes on weekends. When I'm not at home, I'll probably either be out at a UH game, exploring the restaurant scene with friends and family, or off traveling on an adventure, whether locally or abroad.

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