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Bree Winkfield, CPA*

Senior associate

I was raised in the military community of Copperas Cove, TX, a smaller town at the time, just outside of Ft. Hood. I attended Baylor University where I completed the 5-year program to graduate with my BBA in Accounting and Master of Accountancy degrees. Sic’em Bears!

After graduating, I began my career in Dallas in the Assurance practice with EY. My time at EY allowed me to gain knowledge and insight into multiple industry accounting and control practices and provided me with challenging opportunities such as audits relating to carve outs, restatements and fresh start accounting after bankruptcy. I was about to head into my 5th busy season when I decided that it was time to transition to another role. I went on to try internal audit where operational and SOX compliance controls were my focus and then eventually landed back in an external audit role solely for private clients as I continued searching for the job that seemed right for me. During my second external audit role I served as an Audit Manager and helped clients by performing audits, reviews and/or agreed upon procedures which allowed me to provide help and guidance to clients in a capacity outside of only auditing their financial statements. I realized then that the job I was looking for was a role that would allow me to serve clients in way that helped their businesses succeed and I’m excited to be able to do that with Embark.

My passion for serving others extends outside of work as I also serve as a Spin Instructor for my local gym and Water Aerobics instructor in the summer for my neighborhood community. I love interacting with everyone that takes my class and making sure they’ve not only had a good workout but also a good time. I also enjoy creating events that bring people together so on any random weekend you can find me planning, hosting, or decorating for an event that I’ve curated just for fun! I’ve also recently developed a love for DIY, think building & restoring. My most recent projects have been building my dining room table and restoring a buffet for my dining room.

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