Every company needs a wicked cool CRM. We've found ours in Hubspot. We want to leverage technology to make us better NOT to slow us down.  Hubspot makes it happen.

We don't make widgets or pump oil out of the ground, we are a bunch of people providing services. Knowing that, making sure everyone gets paid is kind of a big deal.  Thanks Gusto!

We know, we know. LinkedIn has become old-school like Facebook. However, over 300 million of you still use it.  So we do too. 

Harvest is a great tool for us to track time within our consulting practice and it integrates beautifully into our accounting and invoicing software.  Love it!

We LOVE the Common Desk team! Co-working has come to North Texas in a huge way but the CD team was first on the block and are awesome at building a strong local business community.

It's fun to get a quick, little $2 bonus from a peer or boss for #generalawesomeness.  We don't know anyone that wouldn't like getting those regularly.  

Posting our internal positions along with our current client searches is EXTREMELY important. Lever is clean, fluid, and keeps our look and feel intact throughout the process. 

We love to stay connected with our team and Slack is the best way we've found to make that happen. It's fully searchable and helps us keep our ducks in a row.  

We're NOT QuickBooks fans and we don't really need some large ERP or other accounting package. Instead we love the team over at Xero. Plus they're Kiwi's, which is cool!

Helping us focus on our people is job number one. Having a partner like GoCo is vital to making on-boarding smooth, providing great benefits and the ever changing employment regulations is a must.