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corporate relocation

A new home for your enterprise doesn’t come free of obstacles and challenges, but a proactive approach minimizes their impact.

Embark can help you realize the expectations of a relocation rather than have them diluted by unexpected challenges and hurdles that weigh on resources, patience, and potential.

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Relocating your enterprise consumes time, resources, and exposes your organization to new risks that can severely impact operations.

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An enterprise should gauge the success of a corporate relocation by the continuity it preserves. Corporate moves are complex and demanding, presenting unexpected hurdles that threaten success and stability:

  • Turnover when employees don’t move with you
  • Workloads increase from attrition, affecting morale and culture
  • Systems could change, processes/controls require redesign
  • New auditors are unfamiliar with your operations, increasing time & cost

how embark can help with corporate relocation

Embark’s vast experience prepares your enterprise to meet challenges that arise during your move, streamlining the process to avoid disruptions and inefficiencies. Our expertise fills talent gaps created by your relocation and vulnerabilities exposed by it:

  • flexible staff augmentation Team continuity for critical talent voids
  • clean up close Clean up close, catch-up on procedures
  • system migration System migration
  • audit facilitation Audit facilitation
  • Design implementation Design/implementation of new processes and controls
  • Technical accounting guidance Technical accounting guidance

Embark provides scalable agility that flexes with your needs. A relocation doesn’t have to result in delayed & inaccurate reporting, prolonged & costly audits, or damaged morale that leads to key talent loss. We ensure your move is an opportunity for improvement and a fresh start for your organization.

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what our clients have to say

Embark sends the best people, so much so that it makes us think that these people grow on trees. We know they don’t and we are grateful for all Embark does for our Team.
Brandon Walls
CPA - Vice President, Controller