Lauren Miller, cpa*

Senior Associate

After an upbringing in a Dallas suburb, I found myself immediately enamored by the hill country when I moved down to Austin to attend the University of Texas. Five years later, I graduated with my MPA and decided to start my career back in Dallas working for one of the big four in their audit practice. I spent a majority of that time working on healthcare/non-profit/government clients and learned so much about business operations, team dynamics, project management, personal/professional development, and more.

To be completely honest, during that time I also often dreamt about being back in Austin, and I finally got up the courage to make that move in September 2019. It's been amazing to be here in my soul city again, which feels full of opportunities of all kinds.

If I could describe my life outside of work in a nutshell, it would be like this...I am obsessed with any kind of "content" that can grow or entertain me -books, podcasts, tv shows, anything. I tell people often that the best dollar I ever spent was the one I paid years ago in my hometown to get a library card. I am happiest sitting around a cheese board or pot luck meal with friends/family/community group. I love to unwind by playing the harp, being outside, cooking, traveling, or attempting (without much luck) to get better at golf.

I'm amazed by the culture and exceptional client relations that Embark has worked so hard to grow and maintain, and I am excited and honored to be a part of it all.